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MUCOCD-0019 -Calm Silver Moon
2,835yen (tax in)
1. 1969 Man on the Moon
2. New Beginning
3. Crossroads
4. 月うさぎ-Rabbit and Dance
5. Full Moon Dance
6. Life is Stardust
7. 月の砂漠で-Ice on Dessert
8. Little Prayer
9. Daydreaming
10. 時計は回り続ける-Everlasting Klockwork
11.Song for Sea of Tranquility
12.Good Night
MUCOCD-0018 -Calm Blue planet
2,835yen (tax in)
1. Beautiful One
2. Morning Light
3. East Wind
4. African Textiles
5. Listen to My Heartbeat
6. Love is...
7. Before the Rain
8. 田園 Country 田園 (Denen is Eden)
9. Umi-Uta (Sea Song)
10. Sunday Sun
11. City Snow
山崎円城, 加藤雄一郎, 伊勢三木子,
Ken Uchida, Jerry"Koji"Chestnuts,中納良恵,
杉本智和, nao,中島ノブユキ,武嶋 聡,トッシュ&トッポ&ミーミ,高井戸第4小学校合唱部
MUCOCD-0017 -Street Noise3 compiled by CALM
2,625yen (tax in)
1 Moodswings / Spiritual High (State of Independence)
2 Mike Francis / Let Me In (Original Re Mix Version)
3 CALM / Journey to the Shadow of the Earth (Kick in the Shadow Mix)
4 Napi Hedz / Appreciation (Give Thanks)
5 Bhakta / Prayer
6 Banda Sonora / Guitarra G (Afterlife Remix)
7 Teddy Douglas / The Path (Sunset Mix)
8 Nikola Gala / 4 Wings
9 Yura Yura Teikoku / Into The Next Night (REMIX)
10 The Blue Nile / LET' S GO OUT TONIGHT
11 DJ Koze / Chiminea
MUCOCD-0016 Sexophone - Different Patterns
2,625yen (tax in)
1 Intro ~ Lost Memories
2 Thick Skin
3 Surface of My Words
4 Sooner (or Later)
5 Orsys (Sexophormat)
6 Unfinished Deacon
7 Things Not Noticed (feat. Janis crunch) - Lyrics by Kiyono
8 Another Inside
9 Remember in This Feeling
10 Soft Stairs
11 Different Patterns
12 Luna (feat. Janis crunch & Mayumi) - Lyrics by Mayumi
13 Silent Mirrors
14 Melt Into a Shadow
MUCOCD-0015 "Home Alone, Enjoy the Mellow Note" -Street Noise2 compiled by CALM
2,625yen (tax in)
1.World of Apples / The Cows At Jodrell Bank
3.Kevin Yost / Long Distance Goodbyes
4.Carl Craig / At Les (Paris Live)
5.Sono / Hyperballad
6.ADEVA / Beautiful Love (Classic Club Mix)
7.吉田美奈子 / 恋は流星(パート2)
8.oe McDuphrey Experience / Solar Waves
9.induce! / Coltraneユs Brain (The Rebirth)
10.Pete Kuzma / High & Dry feat. Bilal
11.Yuichiro Kato / Song for Ryo (Live Version)
12.Masa Collective feat. Valerie Etienne & Rob Gallagher / Love Is Everywhere (Original Version)
MUCOCD-0014 Night Ride To Home -Street Noise1 compiled by CALM
2,625yen (tax in)
1. Sebastien Tellier / La Ritournelle
2. Lipid / The Mind Is Interstellar
3. CALM / Night Ride to Home(Street Noise Mix)
4. Digital Jockey / Art Of Asia
5. Jamie Lidell / Multiply)
6. Nick Holmes / Strangers
7. William Pitt / City Lights
8. Chris Rea / Josephine
9. The Other People Place / Sunrays
10.Shazz / Places St.Georges
11.The Beloved / You've Got Me Thinking
12.Neon Heights / Listen To The Music
MUCOCD-0013 Yuichiro Kato /Pouring  
2,625yen (tax in)
2:August song
6:Mother feat. 曽我部恵一
7:a Journey
8:Dreams so real
9:song for ryo
MUCOCD-0012 NO MILK/Up All Night  
2,625yen (tax in)
1. Life
2. Uemuite
3. Chocolate
4. Coming Stingy
5. Close to you No Milk album mix
6. Sea is still sleeping
7. Dub Beat
8. Enjoy YourSelf
9. Movin' Around
10. as a unique dancer
11. Step On
MUCOCD-0011 Music Conception presents “Feel Between the Lines” Score3
1,050yen (tax in)
1.Kenkou / Future Soul(Demo Mix)
2.Yuichiro Kato / A Journey (Live Version)
3.No Milk / Movin’ Around (K.F.’s Dubbin’ Around Mix)
4.Sexophone / Thick Skin(Demo Mix)
5.Kenkou / Song for the “P”(Funk)
6.Yuichiro Kato / Mother (Instrumental Version)
7.CALM presents K.F. / UNDUB(Flute DUB Mix)
8.No Milk / Uemuite (Album Mix) Vocal by Yukalicious
9.Slow Didi / Back Together Again (Demo Version) Guitar by Tomoki Kikuya
10.Sexophone / Runa (Demo Mix)
MUCOCD-0010 "LIFE" compiled by CALM spring-summer 2005 UNITED ARROWS collection "fun to shine"
2,625yen (tax in)
01. Transglobal Underground / Temple Head
02. Little Creatures / All The Way To The Borderline
03. Ben Watt / On Box Hill
04. Zeljko Kerleta / From Island to Island
05. Robert Nacken / Majomin
06. Jazzva / New Day
07. Psychedelic Research Lab / Tarenah(Chill Mix)
08. Deborah Glasgow / My Thing
09. Sunship / The 13th Key (Black Science Alchemy Rebirth-Black Science Orchestra Remix)
10. Build An Ark / Love Is Our Nationality
11. Gangway / Mountain Song
MUCOCD-0009 K.F. re-presents CALM / (Bathing in) Sunshowers  
1,890 yen (tax in)
01. Deep In The Forest side
02.Deeper In The Forest
03.Komorebi (Sunbeams)
04.(Bathing in)Sunshowers
MUCOCD-0008 Calm Presents K.F. / Key Free  
1,890 yen (tax in)
01.Release Your Mind...
02.Shining Of Life
03.Break On Through 2 Another Side
04.Key Fly
06.Ngbake Chant
08. ...Shower
09.Walking That way
10.Simple Chords Again
12. Come Fly With Me
MUCOCD-0007 Flicker Tone/MUKTINATH  
2,625 yen (tax in)
01.Enter the cloisters
02.Asylum for the lunarians
03.Stratiform life cycle
04.Ancient Sentinels(Seed Mix)
06.Solar Eclipse
07.Garden of the planets
08.View of the wind
09.Timberline Ghost
MUCOCD-0006 Kenkou/Everlasting Dreams  
2,625 yen (tax in)
01. ...The Beginning
03.The Dazzle of TheGalaxy
05.Unknown Planet
06.Frosty Air
07.Phantoms In My Mind
08.Everlasting Dreams (Twilight Mix)
09.The Light (Full Vocal Mix)
10.The Other Side of The Voyage to The Dawn
MUCOCD-0005 Music Conception presents Feel Between the Lines score2
1,050 yen (tax in)
1. Flicker Tone / Stratiform Life
2. mi・ne / kuku Live at CAY (2003/7/27)
3. Chari Chari / Aurora 2004 (CALM presents K.F. Re-Touch)
4. No Milk / Baby,Unity,Love (Demo Mix)
5. Flicker Tone / Ancient Sentinels
06.Frosty Air
07.Phantoms In My Mind
08.Everlasting Dreams (Twilight Mix)
09.The Light (Full Vocal Mix)
10.The Other Side of The Voyage to The Dawn
MUCOCD-0004 SLOW DIDI / What you see in soul is rainbow  
2,630 yen (tax in)
02. High Noon
03. Villain
04. Real Praya
05. Cosmic System
06. Circle
07. Pulse Through The Mouthpiece
08. Jubilee
MUCOCD-0003 Sexophone / Sexology
2,630 yen (tax in)
01.Paragon Diggin'
02.Beyond The Bundary
05.No Motion
06.Empty Papers
07.Fade Portrait
09.Not For The End
MUCOCD-0002 Music Conception presents”Feel Between the Lines/score1”
1,050 yen (tax in)
01.Everlasting Dreams / Kenkou
02.Empty Papers / Sexophone
03.Circle (Single Version) / Slow Didi
04. Other Voices (Dub Mix)*** / mi・ne
05. Phantoms in My Mind / Kenkou
06. No Motion (New Mix) / Sexophone
07.Jubilee (Demo Version) / Slow Didi
08.Ancient Traveller / mi・ne
09.Simple Chords Again (Live at O/D 2003.7.12)*** / CALM + Moonage Electric Quartet
MUCOCD-0001 Music Conception presents "Satellite and Planet" Chapter1
2,730 yen (tax in)
02.Baku Tsunoda/The Sunshine
03.CALM/The Break of Dawn
04.Flicker Tone/Void
05.Sexophone/A Little Journey
06.CALM/Simple Chords Again (Orange Mix)
07.Kenkou/Voyage to the Dawn
08.Baku Tsunoda / Blue
09.mi・ne/Gathering of Ghost Notes
10.Sexophone/No Motion
11.Flicker Tone/Tompa (Organic Mix)
MUCO12-025 Calm/Orange  
1,470 yen (tax in)
1.African Textiles
2.Life Is Stardust
3.Everlasting Klockwork
4.City Snow
MUCO12-024 Calm/Sky  
1,470 yen (tax in)
1.Love Is...
2.New Beginning
4.East Wind
MUCO12-023 Music Conception presents Satellite Series Vol.7 "RAH"  
1,470 yen (tax in)
Side A : I'm RAH Side B : Rainbow Maker
MUCO12-0022 Yuichiro Kato "One"  
1,470 yen (tax in)
One <12" Full Length Ve>
Mother feat. Keiichi Sokabe
Song For Ryo
MUCO12-0021 No Milk "Close to You"  
1,470 yen (tax in)
1.close to you No Milk Mix
2.close to you Beatless Mix
3.Movin Around
4.Dubbin sround
MUCO12-0019 K.F. represents CALM "SUNSHOWER EP"  
1,470 yen (tax in)
side a : Sunshower 12" Main Mix
side b : Sunshower 12" Instrumental
side c : Komorebi
side d : Sunshower Acapella side
side d2 : Sunshower 12" Beats
MUCO12-0018 Calm presents K.F. "KeyFree"--Release Your Mind/Key Fly  
1,470 yen (tax in)
Side a : Release Your Mind (Full Length Version)
Release Your Beats
Release Your Synth
Side AA : Key Fly (Full Length Version)
Key Fly Beats
MUCO12-0017 Calm presents K.F. "KeyFree"---Ngbaka Chant/Come Fly With Me  
1,470 yen (tax in)
Side A1 : Ngbaka Chant (12" Full Length Version)
A2 : Ngbaka Synth
A3 : Ngbaka Beats
Side AA1 : Come Fly With Me (12" Special 125 Version)
AA2 : Come Fly Strings
AA3 : Come Fly Synth AA4 : Come Fly Beats
MUCO12-0016 Calm presents K.F. "KeyFree"---Shining of Life  
1,470 yen (tax in)
1 Shining Of Life(Fell Length Version)
2 Shining Of Life(Calm Remix)
3 Shining Voices
4 Shining Beats
MUCO12-0015 Kenkou/Everlasting Dreams, Frosty Air  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A:Everlasting Dreams
2 Frosty Air
B: Frosty Air
MUCO12-0014 Slow DiDi12" 2/2  
1,310 yen (tax in)
B:1.Real Praya
D:7.Pulse Through The Mouthpiece
8.Jubilee(Single version)
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:Fade Portrait
A2:Message from Another While
MUCO12-0012 "Slow DiDi12" 1/2  
1,310 yen (tax in)
2.High Noon
3.Villain Side
C:5.Cosmic System
6.Circle(Single version)
1,250 yen (tax in)
MUCO12-0010 Calm featuring Moonage Electric Ensemble 4/4  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:Dreams of Skeleton Trees (Single Mix)
A2:帰るべき場所 (The Wheel of Time)
B1:Pharoah (Wish Win Sax Mix)
B2:Pharoah (Kaoru Inoue Remix)
MUCO12-0009 Calm featuring Moonage Electric Ensemble 3/4  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:Light Years-Longer Than Our Mind (Elyan Sings)
B1: (Tosh Sings)
C1: (Wawa Sings)
D1: (Instrumental)
D2:The Teachings of Nature(Mark's Key Version)
MUCO12-0008 Calm featuring Moonage Electric Ensemble 2/4  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:Utopia & Visions
A2:Utopia & Visions (mi・ne Remix)
B1:Space Debris (Single Mix)
B2:Under the Midnight Sun (Drum Dub Mix)
MUCO12-0007 Calm featuring Moonage Electric Ensemble 1/4 "Peace" (Salaam)  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:Peace (Salaam)
A2:Peace (Flicker Tone Remix)
B1.Peace (Beginning of the End Mix)
MUCO12-0006 satellite Series Vol.5 "mi-ne"  
1,260 yen (tax in)
A1:Other Voices
B1:Gathering of GhostNotes
B2:Ancient Traveller
MUCO12-0005 satellite Series Vol.4 "Flicker Tone"  
1,260 yen (tax in)
A2 :Dust And Dusk
B1:The Island of Ruin
B2:Tompa (Earth Mix)
MUCO12-0004 CALM Presents "Between EP"  
1,470 yen (tax in)
A1:The Break of Dawn Pt.1
A2:The Break of Dawn Pt.2
B1:Simple Chords Again (Straight Mix)
B2:Synphony * Japan Only
MUCO12-0003 satellite Series Vol.3 "KENKOU"  
1,310 yen (tax in)
A1:The Voyage to the Dawn
B1:Simple Chords Again (Straight Mix)
MUCO12-0002 satellite Series Vol.2 "SEXOPHONE"
1,310 yen (tax in)
A2:A Little Journey
B1:No Motion
MUCO12-0001 satellite Series Vol.1 "Baku Tsunoda"
1,310 yen (tax in)
A2 :Brave New World
B1:The Sunshine
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